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Free Fiction – February 2016

The holidays proved too busy for me to keep up with the short stories I planned to write.

Two in a row August and September was hardly what I’d call a streak!

I’m back with a new one for February, at least.


Mercenary Law finds the sell-swords of the Black River Company at odds over the fate of a prisoner and the question of whether or not honor means more than the code that binds them.


Read it here.


Free Fiction September 2015

ghostsThis month’s free fiction is a story called “Ghosts of Kiranon”.

A pair of minor characters from my novel, Thinner Than Blood, cross paths as each contemplates his end, though from very different perspectives.

Read it here.

Free Fiction August 2015

My first month of free fiction begins today. This story was written some time ago, but subsequent stories will be ones I write during the previous month.  So from this point on, everything will be new words.

Let’s see what kind of streak I can manage! When I have enough stories (8 or 10 or so depending on length) I’ll start publishing them in groups as collections. Meanwhile, they will go up in electronic form the month after they come down.

The story for August is called “Ugly Whores”.

Read it here.

Site Launch!

I finally have a website of my own! I’ll be an infrequent poster, but news about my writing and anything else noteworthy will be concentrated here.

I will also have a monthly short story up (for free) starting in August 2015. Each of them will be up until the 1st of the next month and afterward will be available for sale on all of the usual sites.

Meanwhile, check out my writing, links to other useful/interesting places and subscribe to email updates to stay in the loop. *I promise you won’t end up with 15 messages a day!*

I’d also like to thank David French for making this possible (and putting up with my crap).

I’ll be tweaking things for a bit, hopefully without screwing this up too bad!


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